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Baby Steps - TTS [So Junhan Cover] [HQ]

Uploaded by Junhan So

Came across this guy, not expecting much especially considering that he currently only has 51 subscribers, but WOW! What a handsome voice, controlled and emotional. Absolutely perfect for this song.

[SHINee] Sherlock cover

Uploaded by Ankimdrew

Thought we should share this since Andrew’s previous account Linkthe4th was recently terminated, and not many know of his new channel, it seems.

I have to admit that he’s one of my favorite coverists out there! He’s like that rare gem amidst the majority of coverists that just don’t bring this polished, professional quality—in both vocals and mixing. Powerful belting, fluid runs, emotion, vibrato, awesome rapping. He’s got it all. His voice screams charisma. And can I just mention that he doesn’t hold back on harmonies, doubling, and adlibs?

Another favorite of mine from this guy that you might want to consider checking out if you liked this is: This is War. :D

[9SMILE] Into The New World (COLLAB)

Uploaded by 

Taeyeon: Beckie (xyakyubaka)
Jessica: May (xiahdreams)
Tiffany: Jiyeong (blackangelz09)
Seohyun: Farrah (itsthefarrahmonster)
Sunny: Jessica (therealjessicaoh)
Yoona: Megan (osakastarx3)
Sooyoung: Mimi (x3loveydovey)
Yuri: Molly (mollyxface)
Hyoyeon: Ruby (rubytsinelas)

(Eva here; Mimi’s in this collab so no, she’s not talking about herself LOL. I’ve already spammed the YoPro post and the video comments, so you may see repeated comments because I’m unoriginal~ =u=)

WOW. THIS IS A VERY STRONG COLLAB. I was so impressed that I had to revive Gemini’s tumblr just to share it.

The Mixing: OHHHH THE MIXING. I love you, Farrah. One of my favorite things about this collab is the fantastic blend of the choruses, which enhanced by the harmonies just results in a rich and pleasing sound. Farrah says that the group parts were the easiest step, but you can’t underestimate that because a LOT of work still needs to go into group parts for success: a whole lot of timing work, possibly pitching, good volume balancing. You can tell that Farrah knows what she’s doing. :’D

The Cast: This was casted very well and everyone did a great job! I loved Beckie and May as the leads; the adlibs at the end were perfect. Jiyeong was a perfect choice for Tiffany, with her solidity and slightly husky tone. I loved the sweet yet mature sound to Jessica's voice, who was a pleasant surprise as Sunny. Megan brought a lot of energy with her refreshing voice, leaving me wanting to hear more. Molly has what one might think is just a cute, weak voice, however I love that if you listen closer, there’s a lot of hidden strength. And I always enjoy seeing a Hyoyeon be a strong and appealing singer (since she’s usually casted as the weakest), which is exactly what Ruby was. FARRAH I LOVE YOUR VOICE STOP BEING PERFECT MAN. YOU TOO MIMI. -squishes Mimi and her underappreciated but lovely vibrato-
I’m sorry—I overabuse “I love.” QAQ;;

General Remarks: The ending chorus gave me chills. The positive kind. Truly an enjoyable piece that’s pleasant to the ears and keeps pulling me back to the replay button~ There’s really nothing I don’t like about this collab. :3 I hope Farrah keeps churning out these high-quality babies! 9SMILE, I WILL BE KEEPING AN EYE OUT FOR YOU. 8D

[Cover] The DJ is mine ~ Wonder Girls ft. School Gyrls

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I think what I like about Beckie so much is that she’s very versatile. She has a very warm and smooth voice, which can pull off from soft, emotional singing to powerful singing and belting—she can even rap with attitude too. This is really strong and yet still somewhat alluring. I don’t think many people can pull off this song the way Beckie does. ^^

「千PON桜 (SenPONzakura)」 を歌ってみた 【誤リ】

Uploaded by

The creativity really got me for this one. Mashing up two completely different songs (Senbonzakura and PON PON PON) together is a pretty hard feat, especially with having to alter and mold the melody for the instrumental and being able to sing in a style that fits both genres. Mari’s strong voice supports the rock feel, however there’s a sweetness to it that makes PON PON PON over a heavy, intense song surprisingly acceptable..

•◕Tonkhai◕• 東京テディベア「歌ってみた」Tokyo Teddy Bear

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Omg. Her range. The power and passion in her voice. The growling. The vibrato. ♥ And Tonkhai is amazing as usual.

Younha -1 2 3! [☆Cover/Jackson5 Mashup☆]

Uploaded by 

Erin. If you don’t know this girl, please watch out for her. I really think there’s nothing to not like about her voice. She’s strong and confident even with a cute, sweet voice—her tone is just SO pleasant to listen to. This cover is jam-packed with vocalizations and harmonies that really show how much effort she put into this. All in all, I think this is a very enjoyable and impressive listen ^^ <3

炉心融解 【 Meltdown 】 歌ってみた (Male Cover)

Uploaded by 

Gino impresses again with his control, projection, and clear voice! I’ve always heard of Meltdown as the song that’s almost impossible to pull off well… Well, Gino just proved that wrong. Apparently, it can be done.

[cover] 엔트레인(N-Train) - 울면서 울어

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vocalTC truly has an angelic voice—smooth, sweet, and refreshing—however he really impresses by breaking out of the stereotype for angelic voices, by pulling off rapping and strong belting. The ad libs near the end of the song feature high notes that vocalTC seemingly sings effortlessly, yet shows how much effort he puts into singing, for the result is AMAZING. :D There is so much power and gentleness in his voice at the same time.

[FarrahDUB!] Mona Lisa (orig. MBLAQ)

Uploaded by itsthefarrahmonster

My fangirl heart went insane when MBLAQ first released Mona Lisa with it’s enchanting acoustics. I remember coming home and listening to it But of course, as with every other song, Mona Lisa eventually got old and stale for me. Farrah’s dub, however, definitely brought this song back to life with a completely new, refreshing, ….. almost seductive flavor to it? The color and emotion in her voice is absolutely amazing and so is her ability to complement those stunning vocals with powerful rapping. There’s really nothing I CAN’T see her pulling off and it is always great to see a dubber with versatility. Her previous account was unfortunately removed, but I certainly hope she regains her subs and gains more of the attention she very well deserves :)! Very very well done with this ultra high quality dub~